Terms & Conditions

FRIL is a closed membership club. It is owned by Fresources International Limited ("FRIL"). FRIL has developed a 36 months education program wich offers the members to increase their skills and present a plan to become entrepreneurs and participate in business development. The Education programme consist of a monthly information package for 36 months, called FRIL Books.. Each Book which also includes personal assistance and interactive information and training. More info about the FRIL Education programme packages can be found at FRIL website.

At FRIL we are dedicated to help you to achieve your own personal success.

For this reason, we have invested considerable time and money in developing a compensation plan that gives every Member the best opportunity for own success, creating sustainable wealth through or Real estate Pool as well as network marketing success. Below you can read about the compensation plan and other terms and conditions that are applicable for all members in FRIL that purchase *) any of the membership packages "Members".

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions below under "Other terms and conditions applicable for you as a Member" and you are aware of and agree that FRIL can change or modify the terms and conditions as well as the compensation plan upon their sole decision. Your continuously log-in at your secured back-office, referring Members and receiving bonuses is a consent from you that you accept the modified or changed terms and conditions and compensation plan. You can at any time chose to not continue to be a Member and you are aware that no refund will be given when the cooling off period is finished or terminated due to the terms below. If a member decides to cancel the membership, all value collected in the FRIL Real Estate Pool, except for value already taken out of the pool as ownership in various products or estates, will not be paid back.

To become a Member you need to have the eligible age in the country where you are resident for this type of Membership. However minimum age is 18 years to become a Member.

As a Member, You are solely responsible to pay any tax that arises out of the bonuses paid to you based on the compensation plan.

As a Member, You are not an employee, nor an agent of FRIL.

You can not join as a member if you are from India, USA, India, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, North Korea, Pakistan, Tunisia, Belarus, Ghana or Nigeria or any other country that prevent you from becoming a member in businesses like FRIL. (This list of excluded countries may be changed without warning).

FRIL prohibits the marketing practice commonly referred to as "Spam". All messages that originate from you as a Member must comply with all applicable laws in your jurisdiction as well as with general spam regulations.

The use if the FRIL name and logo for marketing purposes shall only be used as described by FRIL and using approved FRIL material.

If you as a Member breach against these terms and conditions or if FRIL can suspect that you breach against these terms and conditions, FRIL can either suspend or terminate your status as a Member. A suspension will temporarily disable your access to your back-office and your chance to utilise any of the benefits that a Member in FRIL has. If the final decision is to restore your status as a Member you will be able to access your back-office again. If the final decision is to terminate you as a Member you can not claim any part of your paid education. Any unpaid bonuses will also be forfeited and FRIL may also take other legal actions against you.

The Membership is personal and you may not assign or sub-assign your Membership without prior written consent by FRIL. This includes but is not limited to, sale, transfer, pledge or give power of attorney to any rights or obligations according to these terms and conditions or compensation plan.

Nothing in these terms and conditions provides the Member with the right, license, authorization or approval to make binding agreements with any person or entity on behalf of FRIL. Furthermore you are NOT authorised to receive or collect funds on behalf of FRIL, from any person that signs up as a Member and pay for neither any Education programme, nor for any other products or services that FRIL from time to time offer the Members. All payments must be made directly to FRIL or authorized party that acts on behalf of FRIL.

In the event that any provision of these terms and conditions or compensation plan shall be invalid, illegal or otherwise unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall in no way be affected or impaired thereby.

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