About us

FRIL is about creating sustainable wealth. Through a 36 months program of learning, earning and saving, FRIL members will be able to create a solid residual income as well as sustainable wealth via real estate ownership.

Fresources International Ltd was established in 2011 as a holding and investment company. Via our global work among entrepreneurs and in finance and wealth management we have established a solid network of entrepreneurs, financial people, real estate owners, personal coaches and managers as well as some very successful sales and business developers all over the world.

FRIL wish to bring this experience and the power of knowledge from these groups to you in order for you to benefit by associating with the successful business people in our network.

To ensure the best and most secure management structure, the sales network is associated with FRIL and the Real Estate Investment Pool is managed by Curzon Bond Holdings Ltd in London.

FRIL is the trading name for Fresources International Ltd, RAK, United Arab Emirates, Reg. No. ICC20160396.
Director is Ms. Anastasiia Krytsyna
CEO is Garry Soderholm

Registered office is:
c/o More Group Middle East
DMCC, Unit No. 30-01-817,
Floor No.1,
Bkdg No 3, Plot No 550-554
J&G, DMCC, Dubai, UAE

Curzon Bond Holdings Ltd, United Kingdom, Registration No. 10130083, Pitchcroft Sloop Lane, Scaynes Hill, England, RH17 7NP

Director is Edward JP Evans

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